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new-type Breath Controller(Domestic (JAPAN) shipping)English Page



  • Color : (Silver - Red)


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output : MIDI power : AC 100V〜240V [ Please refer to the instruction below for your shopping . ] ☆The new-type Breath Controller is available on request .  As soon as your payment is confirmed, we start assembling your Controller .  Assembling takes around 20 days. Shipping date may change due to order situation . ☆ You can not cancel your order after complete payment. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Introducing the new-type breath controller! by Tatsuya Nishiwaki - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - “Wind-instruments-like expressive power” … this is what many synth-players have always been pursuing to apply in their performances. The breath controller would be an item which lets us achieve it. Thus, I know quite a few “breath-controller” geeks are there among keyboardists. Me? Yes, of course I am! And on behalf of the breath-controller maniacs, I finally decided to develop a new ideal breath controller by myself and done! For this seemingly crazy attempt, I committed myself to get it utmost efforts and considerations in every detail to achieve an ultimate breath controller. My goal is a supreme breath-controller which makes the longstanding dream of synth-players come true. It must meet exact requirements from professional artists with its playability, expressiveness, reliability, and durability. And most importantly, me myself is eager for this controller: the new-type breath controller! Totally unique and ideal configuration, which is just one example: Most of existing breath controllers force you to hold its mouthpiece with your mouth and/or teeth. You need to apply some sort of force of mouth and/or jaw to just keep the mouthpiece stable. I believe this must prevent you from doing smooth tonguing technique and/or any other playing techniques. Imagine you play any traditional acoustic wind instruments. In case of those instruments, nothing requires you to apply forces of mouth and/or jaw just to hold its mouthpiece. I therefore offer this simple yet unique solution: the new-type breath controller can be mounted to a standard mic-stand in order to free your mouth and/or jaw from holding the instrument. Now you can concentrate your mouth and tongue on techniques like double-tonguing or any other tricks for subtle nuances. It can be quickly attached to and removed from a standard mic-stand with the clip attached to the body. The tube linked to the mouthpiece can be bent flexibly more than 90-degree. So that means you can put the mouthpiece located at the most comfortable position even if the boom arm would be offered from any nasty direction, which I guess a very common hardship for keyboardists to endure. Operation is extremely easy and intuitive. Unlike any other equip for synth-players, it doesn’t force you to read bulky manuals. Just let me explain a bit for your reference. The 7-segment LED indicates the current MIDI channel. The channel number can be incremented by the Button-A and decreased by the Button-B. Although the LED shows just one digit, it indicates beyond ch-10 with some sort of special figure. You can set it back to the ch-1 by touching the both buttons simultaneously. In the photo above, you can see another button “C” on the right which is the “reset” button. What this button resets is the MIDI CC value when it detect no breath pressure to 0. In other words, it sets the minimum value. Thanks to this button, you don’t have to worry even if the weather would be changing while you play. You may know ordinary breath controllers sometimes malfunction being too sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. No problem even if you would be asked to play while climbing up any steep hill. I don’t know you have enough physical power to do it though. However, this breath controller allows you to touch the button not very often because it automatically excites the “reset” every time you turn it on. As its default setup, this new breath controller generates CC#2 (breath controller) though, you can change it to CC#11 (expression) by turning it on while holding the “reset” button. This allows you to quickly apply this breath-controller to your synth without being annoyed by complicated operation for setups. I have been addicted to play synth expressively with a breath controller for more than 20 years. I always used the BC-3 which was the most popular one. Inevitably, I had to renewed it often because of its poor durability. Thus, ideas behind the product are based on various things I learned from my experiences. I learned so many things about it, how to play, how it should be while wearing out so many units. A breath-controller-head as myself, I would say this new-type breath controller is a satisfactory work achieved collaborating with my co-developer. Me myself never been satisfied more than this new-type breath controller. We are confident that this unique controller surly meets demands from professional players, breath-controller-geeks out there with its ultimate power of expression. Please try! I’m sure you like it! Tatsuya Nishiwaki